Take back responsibility....

My journey through NHT®️ has its roots in my own challenges and experiences with the conventional medical system. A searching and experimentation on my own body that didn't really lead anywhere. With NHT® I have found a way to address the imbalances I thought I would have to "learn to live with" for the rest of my life. NHT® is to me about taking responsibility for one's own body. Becoming aware and having the courage to make changes. My mission is to help you regain balance so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Bolette Balling


  • Certified NHT®️-therapist with hos Anette Paulin NHT®️
  • Certified Sexologist, Sexology advisor at Hogar de Esperanza
  • Wellness therapist, Spa&Behag
  • Medically qualified massage therapist