What is NHT®
Natural Hormone Therapy?

NHT® - Natural Hormone Therapy is based on clinical research studies from around the world. Studies of the body's natural hormones, also called bio-identical hormones, show the impact they have on the prevention, development, and healing of various diseases and disorders. The principle behind NHT® is to give the body what it lacks in terms of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and potentially bio-identical hormones. The premise is that if the body is given what it lacks, it can repair the disorders and diseases that have arisen due to the deficiency by itself.

As a certified NHT® therapist and guide, I can offer you qualified and research-based guidance in restoring your hormone balance. This will restore a better physical and mental balance. I will guide you in correcting the body's deficiencies to restore the hormonal balance. This allows the body to function optimally again. You regain your energy, good sleep and your optimal health!

You will receive guidance on the use of vitamins, minerals, diet, homeopathy and bio-identical hormones. With this complete plan you will help the body returning to its natural balance. Learn more about NHT Natural Hormone Therapy here. NHT Naturlig Hormonterapi

In the book "Natural Hormone Therapy - a farewell to the estrogen myth" from 2019 by Jens-Ole Paulin and Anette Paulin, it is explained how a wide range of diseases are caused by hormonal imbalances, as well as the research available on bio-identical hormones. The book references more than 400 research studies.

I highly recommend all of my clients, as well as others interested in achieving hormone balance, to read this book. It provides the insight into what hormones are, what they do in our body, what imbalances can cause and most importantly: what can be done to restore balance and maintain good health and a good life.