What is NHT® guidance?

Would you like to work with a holistic approach to your health and disease?

 Do you want a research-based approach to treating the causes of your symptoms – instead of simply removing symptoms with medication? Are you willing to look at and maybe change your habits, diet and lifestyle to feel better? It doesn't have to be that difficult!

Then I am here to help and guide you based on your specific situation and needs. With Natural Hormone Therapy (NHT®), I guide based on a hormone test plus an extensive questionnaire. Together, they will tell me if you have hormonal imbalances, what creates them and what you can do about it.

Every individual is special with different biochemistry, genes and lifestyles. As such all NHT® consultations are individually tailored to you, your situation, and the challenges and symptoms you have. As an NHT® therapist, I work to find the cause of your symptoms and disorders to restore balance.

I create a personalized plan that includes diet, vitamin supplements, stress management, the use of bio-identical hormones, changing stressful habits, etc. We cover both the past and the present - everything that has affected your imbalances. We cover topics such as:


Stress management

Diet guidance (not a meal plan - but guidance on the type of diet that is suitable for restoring hormone balance) 

Vitamines and Supplements

Guidance on the use of bio-identical hormones

In short, we cover everything about you and your health.

Your plan will include - among other things:

Vitamines, minerales, amino acids etc.

What is needed to correct your deficiencies?


What can diet do for you? Do you need to add or remove something? Do you need to change your eating habits?


Which natural hormones do you need? What is required for recovery?


Do you have pain in your life? Are you stressed, facing challenges that affect your hormonal, physical or mental balance?