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The balance between hormones, diet, life, health, and disease

   NHT®️ - Natural Hormone Therapy 

A holistic approach
  Guidance for hormonal balance 

 - Restoration and health -


I offer professional counseling and hormone testing.  Treating the cause instead of the symptoms. Get your hormonal imbalances and causes of symptoms you're struggling with identified. I develop a comprehensive symptom assessment that, along with hormone testing, forms the basis for your personal recovery plan. 

Only bio-identical hormones, supplements and natural remedies are recommended. These work naturally with the body's own complex system. This means you will not experience unnatural side effects. 

The principle is to treat the cause instead of suppressing the symptom. 

That is, "to provide what is missing"."

Do you want guidance in NHT® - Natural Hormone Therapy?

I can help you if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

Menopausal symptoms
Hot flashes
Sleep disturbances
Dry mucous membranes
Bladder problems
Lichen Schlerosus
Headaches or migraines
Weight problems
Low libido
Fertility problems
Irregular cycles
PCO, PCOS or endomitrioses
Gastrointestinal problems
Memory problems
Anxiety, restlessness or depression
Thyroid problems
Frequent infections
Autoimmune diseases
and much more....